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Minutes - February 27, 2018

Special Meeting
February 27, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen at 5:30 p.m.

Present: Vice-Chairman/Secretary Jack Vander Meulen, Members LaVerne Johnson, Norm Nykamp, Ken Bosma, and Dennis Gebben. Also present were Community Development Director John Said, and Assistant Community Development Director Corey Broersma.

Absent: Chairman Marion Hoeve and Member Ed Zylstra.

Mr. Vander Meulen asked for a motion to approve or approve with corrections the minutes for the Planning Commission meeting of February 6, 2018. Mr. Johnson moved to approve the minutes with the term “City Staff” changed to “Township Staff” on Page 6. Motion carried.

Mr. Vander Meulen recognized the source of public comments (minutes, letters, and e-mails) pertaining to the proposed zoning ordinance and recommended using Mr. David Jirousek’s memorandum dated February 19,2018 to guide the order in which topics would be discussed.

Commissioners agreed to revise Table 4.3B. Revise minimum floor area (s.f.) for multi-family in R-2A to “720 plus 150 square feet per additional bedroom over 1.”

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 9.15.A to state: “Conformance to State Regulations. All manufactured home communities shall conform to the all applicable State regulations.” and Section 9.15.B. to state: “Subject to Subsection A above, each lot in the community shall have:”

Commissioners agreed to revise the format of Section 9.20 to be re-lettered so as to have A. through D.

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 10.2.F.2 to clarify commercial parking on residential lots.

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 10.2 G.1 to indicate limits and restrictions do not apply to farm equipment on farms. Further, it was agreed to include the current regulation that prohibits recreational vehicles from being parked within 21 feet of the road within the proposed ordinance. Staff was then asked to provide revised text related to increasing the number of recreational vehicles allowed for residential properties for the Commission’s review.

Commissioners agreed eliminate a requirement for LED light fixtures and revise Section 12.3.C to state: “Type and Color. The lighting color temperature of new and replacement light fixtures shall not exceed 3,000 Kelvins.”

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 22.2 Definitions, Recreational Equipment to include utility trailers or similarly licensed vehicles, trailers, or equipment.

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 22.2 Definitions, Vehicles and Trailers, Commercial to eliminate references to State of Michigan driver’s licenses.

Mr. Vander Meulen next reviewed specific topics from the February 6, 2018 public hearing.

Commissioners agreed to revise Section 8.13.B.4 to reference International Fire Code for making determinations about allowable temporary tent sizes.

Staff was asked to provide revised text related to residential accessory building sizes for further discussion.

Mr. Vander Meulen recognized members of the public (12) and heard comments in regards to limiting government, firework regulations, accessory building sizes, recreational vehicles, 3rd party sales, chickens, tents, and public notices.

Staff was asked to add an exemption for 3rd party sales by non-profit organizations in Section 9.20, add an exemption for holiday lights in Section 12.2, review the corner lot provisions for recreational vehicles in Section 10.2, and to review a Rural Residential and Mixed-Use zoning district in the long-term.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Corey J. Broersma
Assistant Community Development Director

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