Now, more than ever, broadband Internet is an essential and crucial service to those who live, learn and work in Ottawa County. The Ottawa County Data Collection Steering Committee knows that reliable, affordable, and adequate broadband is not available countywide. In order to bridge this digital divide, the committee needs to gain a better picture of which properties do not have the essential internet they need. For this, we need your help! The Committee, in partnership with Merit Network, has created a survey to provide accurate data regarding which properties have Internet access, the affordability if access is available, and the digital literacy of the county residents. This information will only be used to plan for broadband expansion, it will not be sold. Understanding which households are connected to the Internet at broadband speeds (25/3 mbps) is the first step in building support to meet community broadband needs in our area.

Providing high-speed broadband Internet service throughout Ottawa County has become a priority for the Ottawa County Data Collection Steering Committee.

We need your response by September 17th, 2021. All households should complete this quick 5-minute survey whether you pay for Internet access at your property or not. If you do not pay for Internet access at this property, we understand that you may not have all the necessary information to answer each question; please answer to the best of your ability. The survey can be accessed at

To request a paper survey, please call (616)-738-4852.

For questions concerning this survey please contact:
Rich Lakeberg
Project Support Specialist, Ottawa County
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please join us in our efforts to make Ottawa County fully connected to county wide broadband.