Seeking Holland BPW Board of Directors Ex Officio Member

The four townships contiguous to the City of Holland, Park Township, Holland Charter Township, Fillmore Township and Laketown Township have a joint ex officio non-voting member on the Holland Board of Public Works Board of Directors. As the four townships represent a significant portion of the HBPW customer base, this position was created to bring the perspective of the townships to the deliberation of the HBPW Board, and to keep the townships informed when projects or policy issues impact the area townships. The individual chosen will be asked to regularly update the townships on current HBPW topics.

The Township Representative shall have the duty of attending all regular HBPW monthly meetings and study sessions, and shall be privileged to participate in all discussions and proceedings of the HBPW but shall not be entitled to vote on questions before the HBPW. This position is a 3-year term commitment.

Persons interested in becoming an ex officio member on the HBPW Board of Directors should indicate in a letter of interest your skills and qualifications, and how you would be beneficial to both the board and the townships. Please submit your letter of interest to Julie Northrup, Park Township Office, 52 S. 152nd Ave., Holland, MI 49424 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you reside in one of the other townships and prefer to submit your information to that location, you may contact your township office. Letters must be received by October 15, 2022.