Holland Charter Township

Ottawa County

Founded in 1847

Board Meeting Agenda

April 5, 2018

7:00 P.M.

Holland Charter Township Offices

1.     Call to order

2.     Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

3.     Citizen’s comments

4.     Consent Agenda

        a.   Receive any communications

        b.   Receive operational reports

        c.   Approve bills and financial transactions for the month of March 2018

        d.   Review and approval of Board Meeting Minutes from March 15, 2018

5.     Public Hearing

        a.   Amendment to Macatawa Legends PUD

6.     Consideration of Resolution Opposing the Recreational Use of Marijuana

7.   First Reading of an Amendment to the Code of Ordinances

      a.   Addition of new Chapter 37 – Dunton Park Boat Launch Ramp Ordinance

8.     Initiation of Rezoning Amendments

        a.   505 E. 16th Street – I-2 and C-2 to R-2

        b.   295 Howard – C-2 to R-1

9.     Consideration of a Resolution to confirm various appointments as authorized township
        officials to issue municipal civil infraction citations

10.   Consideration of a Resolution to amend the 2018 Parks & Recreation Department Charges
        to add Dunton Park Boat Launch Ramp Permit Charges

11.   Consideration of Performance Resolution for Governmental Agencies

12.   Consideration of Operational and Capital Improvement Expenditures

        a.   Approve contract for Lakewood Blvd water main replacement (Beeline Rd to Garden Ave)

        b.   Approve contract for Felch Street water main replacement (west of 72nd Street)

        c.   Approve sub-contracted project work & cost estimate to rehab wet well & replace flow
              meter at sewer lift station #1 (132 Howard Ave)

        d.   Approve contracted services proposal to rehabilitate and install liner system for 12 sewer manholes

13.   Administration Reports and Updates – Mr. Komejan

14.   Committee Reports

15.   Other business

16.   Adjournment