October is Fire Safety Month.  The Township Fire Department has been busy visiting schools in the area teaching children the importance of fire safety.  Along with teaching the children we would like to make sure all members of our community know how to avoid fire dangers and what to do in case of a fire.    

As the weather turns cooler and we beging using fireplaces, wood stoves, heaters and our furnaces there are some ways to make sure we are using these items safely.  Click here for tips on keeping your chimneys, fireplaces and woodstoves safe.  Click here for tips on using your portable heaters and furnaces safely along with additional information fireplaces & wood stoves. 

Don't foreget to change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year.  It is a good idea to come up with dates that you will change the batteries each year such as when the time changes, a holiday, a birthday or anniversary; something that you will remember.  

To make it easier for the Fire Department to find your home in the case of a fire or other emergency it is important to have visible house numbers.  It is recommended that your house numbers be at least 4" high and easily seen from the road.  Cursive letters are not easy for emergency workers to read from the road.  Make sure no landscapping is blocking the view of your numbers from the road. Also make sure the numbers on your mailbox are visible. 

Making sure seniors are pepaired for any emergency is critical.  This link will give some tips on how to make sure your loved ones stay safe in the event of a fire.

Here are some great tips to go over with your children so they know what to do in an emergency.  Along with a fun coloring page for your kids!