Notice Of Meeting
Of The
Holland Charter Township Election Commission
Holland Charter Township
Ottawa County, Michigan

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that a meeting of the Holland Charter Township Election Commission, Charter Township of Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan has been scheduled for 6:30 P.M. on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at the Holland Charter Township Hall located at 353 North 120th St.

The purpose of this meeting will be to approve election inspectors for the November 3, 2020 State General Election.

Any inquiries related to this meeting should be directed to the office of the Supervisor, 353 North 120th Avenue, Holland, Michigan, 49424.

Telephone: (616) 396-2345

Dated: September 24, 2020


Michael Dalman, Clerk
Holland Charter Township
Holland Charter Township Hall
353 North 120th Avenue
Holland, Michigan 49424
Telephone: (616) 396-2345

Please note that the self-serve pay station at the Dunton Park boat launch is fully operational from April 1st through October 31st. Permits are required for all users of the boat launch. Daily passes are $8.00 and seasonal passes are $37.00. Vehicles with a boat trailer not displaying a valid permit will be subject to a citation. Please use caution and patience towards other launch users while at the boat launch.


On the waters of Lake Macatawa, Holland Charter Township, Ottawa county, it is unlawful for the operator of a vessel to exceed a slow-no wake speed within 300 feet of any shore, dock or pierhead. “Slow-no wake speed” means a very slow speed whereby the wake or wash created by the vessel would be minimal. All existing watercraft controls in Holland Charter Township shall remain in effect in addition to this control. This TWC shall expire six months from the effective date of this control. The boundaries of the area described above shall be marked with signs and/or with buoys at all points of public entry. It is the responsibility of Holland Charter Township to provide, place and maintain all signage, including any buoys, to notify boaters of this TWC. This includes all public access sites within the area described above. All buoys must be placed as provided in a permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources and be in conformance with Michigan’s approved Uniform Waterway Marking System. Buoys shall not be placed in a commercial shipping channel. This TWC is only enforceable when properly marked.

History Eff. Date: 07/09/2020
Exp. Date: 01/09/2021

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Item 2 Emergency Temporary Slow No Wake Ordinance Page 2

Recreational programming has been in place at Holland Charter Township for almost 50 years. Throughout these years we have dreamed of, organized, and implemented multiple programs and facilities for use by people of all ages. We are fortunate to have a Board of Trustees at Holland Charter Township and a community that believes in Parks and Recreation and prioritizes it. Over the years we have gone to the community to ask for their help and guidance for things such as being volunteer coaches for programs all the way to providing feedback to us as we look to prepare for future projects and ideas for the Parks & Recreation Departments.

Holland Charter Township is in the process of updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Whether it’s to provide a timeline for upcoming projects or to apply for grants through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this document is our guide for our department’s short-term and long-term future... and we need your input! Listed below is a survey link that we are asking you to please review. There are 16 questions on the survey that deal with our facilities, programs, and the prioritization that you believe we should have on them. The survey does not take that long to do but it will provide us with valuable information that will help us plan for our future. Because so many of you utilize our services and our facilities, we believe that your input can really help us create a clearer picture of where we need to go, the projects we need to look at, and how our customers feel things are going. We believe we have the resources and passion to make what we have even better, but we want to hear your voice, as well.

Please visit this link ( to fill out the survey. Any input we receive will be welcomed and appreciated. These are your facilities and your programs in your community! Help us to make the best they can be.

Thank you, in advance, for giving back to our greater community,

Holland Township Parks & Recreation