Beginning January, 2011, a dog license can be purchased for either one year or three years depending on the dog's rabies expiration year. Ottawa County will send out a renewal form prior to the month that the rabies expires. The new license must be purchased within the month that the rabies expires, otherwise it will be considered delinquent and an additional fee will apply. The Township Treasurer's office sells dog licenses on a year-round basis.

Cost of Dog Licenses

Male/Female: $25.00
Spay/Neuter: $10.00
Puppy (4-6 months): $10.00

Male/Female: $70.00
Spay/Neuter: $25.00
Puppy (4-6 months): N/A

Male/Female: $15.00
Spay/Neuter: $15.00
Puppy: N/A

** In addition to regular license amount.

State Statute requires that newly acquired dogs must be licensed within 30 days.