Administration Services:
Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office
12220 Fillmore St.
West Olive, MI 49460
(616) 738-4000
Emergency:  911
Non-Emergency:  1-800-249-0911

Sgt. Brad Bennett
Community Policing Supervisor
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Sgt. Greg Rotman
E-Unit Supervisor
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Emergency medical response (E-Unit) and police services are provided to Holland Charter Township citizens and businesses on a contract basis by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office. E-Unit services were initiated in 1975 by an extra voted one-half mill as a means to supplement the basic road patrol services provided by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office. During the 1980’s, the extra voted millage was increased to one mill to accommodate the increasing calls for illness/injury paramedic services and to add proactive community policing and traffic services.

E-Unit and Community Policing Services include the following:

  • Emergency medical response (E-Unit) including eight paramedics and four vehicles funded on a 75%/25% shared basis between Holland and Park Townships.

  • Four full-time Holland Township Community Policing deputies and four vehicles provide proactive policing, code enforcement, neighborhood crime prevention, citizen and business training/education, security assessments, traffic control and public assistance services.

  • One full-time Holland Township Traffic Services deputy whose primary duty is to enforce state and local traffic laws and investigate motor vehicle crashes. One additional Traffic Services deputy shared equally between Holland, Zeeland, Blendon and Robinson Township.

  • One Traffic Services/Community Policing deputy who is funded 75%/25% with Park Township.

  • One School Resource officer who is shared with West Ottawa Public Schools and Park Township to provide additional summer season law enforcement support.

  • Two supervisory sergeants (shared with Park Township).

Police service forms and additional information can be found here.